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Precision metalwork, manufacturing of mechanical components, and CNC cutting: I.M.G. SRL has been offering excellence in engineering metal structures since 2010, adhering to stringent certified quality standards.

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Your Partner in the Production of Welded Steel Structures

Since 2010, I.M.G. SRL has been providing solutions in metalworking, CNC cutting, and precision mechanical supplies, ensuring high certified quality standards (ISO 9001, ISO 3834-2, and EN 1090-1 since 2020) at competitive rates in both local and international markets.

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Our company stands out for its competence and multidisciplinary experience. We successfully operate in the fields of metalworking, supply of precision mechanical components, CNC cutting, and mechanical treatments.

Steelworks and Service Centers

Carpentry and machining for machines and systems for steel mills, service centers for sheet metal cutting and deformation

Production of paper and cardboard

Carpentry and processing for machines and plants for the production of paper, cardboard, corrugated cardboard

Treatment of Inert Materials

Carpentry and machining for machines and plants for treatment and crushing of inert materials.

Pipe Bending and Treatment

Carpentry and processing for tube bending and treatment machines and systems.

Ventilation and Suction

Carpentry and machining for ventilation and suction machines and systems

Insulated Panel Training

Carpentry and machining for machines and systems for forming panels insulated in polyurethane materials


Carpentry and processing for machines and plants for wire formation and processing.

Various Processing Plants

Carpentry and machining for various machines and systems

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