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Re-drawn activity

One of the most burdensome activities (both in terms of time and organization) for companies that have recently transitioned from another CAD system to 3D CAD is certainly data management and handling the entire history of “old” drawings created up to that point. IMG fully understands the needs of these companies, and for this reason, among its support services, it includes the ability to rely on the assistance of young resources at competitive prices within its territory. This will allow companies to not excessively burden the initial investment while operating in full compliance with predefined company standards.

Layout Creation Activities

Having an in-depth understanding of the challenges many companies face in meeting tight delivery schedules, IMG Srl offers an effective solution to your needs: you will indeed have the opportunity to entrust all or part of the layout creation production to our consultants. They will commit to managing its realization in line with the timeframe specified and agreed upon by you, adhering to your company standards and the required quality levels.

SW Tools Used

-Autodesk Inventor
If needed and upon request, there is the possibility to handle this conversion with other existing software packages on the market. We work with commonly known formats: dwg, dxf, iges, mi, sat, step, pdf.


-Distance is not a problem… As forms of communication and sharing ongoing work, we commonly utilize direct remote assistance through well-known CALL platforms. Screen information sharing is a “must” for us!

Servizio Di Design

Design And Development Drawings

Our team of drafters and designers is capable of developing projects and drawings based on received instructions. They define the appropriate technology to be sent to our clients, meeting the required specifications. The service provided by our technical office’s engineering support, composed of young engineers, carries out activities at competitive prices and within agreed-upon and suitable timeframes. These activities aim to assist both established and potential clients’ technical offices in every phase of design and construction, in both 2D and 3D formats. In our opinion, this method is optimal, especially when a company requires independent support to cope with a surge in workload during specific phases of volumes and market demands.

Elaborazione del montaggio meccanico

Groups & Machines

To “meet” and fulfill market demands, IMG Srl leverages its expertise and know-how in this sector to provide a comprehensive service to potential clients. This includes the possibility of completing not only individual components such as structures, processed structures, semi-finished products, etc., but also the subsequent phases of painting and mechanical assembly of machinery such as:

…and be ready for on-site execution of hydraulic and electrical onboard systems at your workshop in Italy or in other countries.

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