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Mechanical Mounting Processing

IMG Srl offers the market custom design and comprehensive solutions for the production of welded steel structures, including the mechanical assembly phase of machinery. Leveraging its knowledge and extensive experience in the sector, the Italian company can meet market demands by providing high-quality services.

Specifically, IMG Srl’s offering encompasses the production of both light and heavy carpentry, precision mechanical parts, CNC cutting, mechanical treatments, and machine assembly. This allows customers to access a complete package of services, avoiding the need to work with multiple suppliers and simplifying the economic and time management of the entire project.

Among the application sectors for IMG Srl’s services are metalworking and mechanical operations for steel mill machinery and plants, service centers for sheet metal cutting and shaping, paper and cardboard production, processing of inert materials, insulated panel manufacturing, as well as wire forming and processing.

In particular, IMG Srl’s mechanical assembly service for machines focuses on manufacturing machinery for material handling (such as coils, sheets, scraps, waste, and more), material storage ramps, spanning trolleys, loading and unloading cradles, loading and unloading turntables, tilting devices, carts, and containers, entry and passage conveyors, roller or plate aligners, and for process lines in general.

IMG Srl is capable of preparing and setting up machines to carry out subsequent completion of hydraulic and electrical onboard systems (usually customized!) at the final customer’s workshop in Italy or other countries, thereby ensuring a complete and reliable service.

Thanks to its constant focus on quality and certifications such as ISO 9001, ISO 3834-2, and EN 1090-1, IMG Srl positions itself as an ideal partner for companies seeking a comprehensive and reliable solution for the production of welded steel structures and mechanical assembly of machines.

With its wide range of services and continuous attention to customer needs, IMG Srl stands out as an innovative and successful company in the field of welded steel structure production and precision mechanics.

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